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 St. Francis of Assisi School

 IT Program

Veronica Newger
Technology Coordinator

Technology Que

Our primary and intermediate students in grades K-5 cover Online Safety, Computer Parts, in/out functions of each part and enjoy online activities to promote their knowledge of Computer Terminology associated with each program used. Websites activities are used to strengthen students’ understanding and skills.


The middle school students participate in assignments for Online Safety, Types of Cyberbullying, Computer Parts and the Microsoft programs terminology in readiness for tests on these topics at  Proper research with citation of their sources in MLA format is expected.


Keyboarding is always a staple in computer classes and the Mavis Beacon Typing program is used on a regular basis for all grades PreK-8.  PreK students learn how to use the mouse, the names and purpose of computer parts and reinforcement of their letters and numbers as they enjoy grade appropriate websites.


The Google Suite Classroom assignments will be posted for grade 3-8 students.  Students are to check their Google Classrooms.  We will begin these assignments during Computer classes.  All assignments must be completed and turned in by the indicated due date.

I welcome any questions and concerns you may have about your child's education and progress in our Computer classes.  Below you will find a convenient contact form for easy correspondence.

Google Classroom

Students in grades 3 through 8 are given assignments in Google Classroom with future due dates.


Students are to access their Google account and review the assignment in their Computer Classroom.

We will begin working on these assignments during computer classes.  Please be mindful of the “Due Date”.

All assignments must be completed and submitted by the due date.

Code IT
Code IT

All classes (K-8) will explore Computer Science programming activities utilizing the available coding websites online.  Each is appropriate for grade, age, and skill level to learn the aspects of coding fundamentals.  A few sites are,,, and Scratch. 

Skills Students Learn from Coding
  • It helps students learn in meaningful context.

  • It teaches them that learning is a process and not a product.

  • It teaches them how to take complex ideas and break them down into simpler parts.

  • It teaches them how to collaborate with others.

  • It teaches them how to keep persistent and persevere in the face of frustration when things are not working well.

  • It teaches determination and risk-taking.

  • It helps them become fluent with technologies and enable them to open up and express their ideas.

  • It helps them to be creative.

  • It helps them interact with the world around them.

Computer Club

Computer Club members will meet every Tuesday after school dismissal.

Computer Club Members

2019 – 2020


4th Grade

Keith Junkersfeld

Stephen Isaac Kretz

Jimmy Riley

Joe Yates


5th Grade

Kyan King

Angelina Olazabal

Ezekiel Pippin

Kendra Tata

6th Grade

Jeremiah Boasmanboon

Eddie Bowling

Jude Donkor

Joaquin Lax


7th Grade

Lina Caboteja

Austin Kaus

Michael Maraghy

Crystal Odom


8th Grade

Osatohanwen Momodu

Jerry Boasmanboon

Selena Hernandez-Cardona

Anika Abogunrin


All other students who submitted a form is considered to be on the Stand-by List and is welcome to come to Computer Club when a seat is available due to absence.

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